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Regional Flowers

We carry a wide range of fresh flowers which we custom design for you. Our passion shines through into our flower designs and flower arrangements and we pride ourselves on high quality workmanship. We are inspired by flowers´ seasonal splendor: poppies in spring, sunflowers in summer, dahlias in autumn or beechwood branches in winter. We have worked with local growers for decades in order to create natural, long-lasting bouquets.

Cut Flowers

We create bouquets for any occasion and design floral arrangements, baskets, cushions, hearts and wreaths customized to your personal taste.


Orchids lend a graceful, exotic presence yet are easy to care for. We carry a wide range which we purchase directly from regional orchid growers.

Sympathy Flowers

Flowers symbolize not only life but also its transient nature. They convey condolences without words and express our heartfelt sympathy. We custom design tasteful flower arrangements and if desired can also deliver to the funeral home or another location.

Balcony & Terrace

We turn your outdoor space into a restful oasis using native plants.

Standing Orders

Start your week off right with a standing order of fresh flowers. Have a beautiful bouquet delivered every Monday (or any other day) direct to your home or business and make someone´s day every week. Or give someone you love a flower calendar - have a seasonal bouquet sent every month, all year long.

Delivery Service

We offer local delivery anywhere in the Zurich metropolitan area and work with Fleurop around the globe. If you´re in a hurry we can send your bouquet using priority overnight delivery so it arrives the next day.