blumen capitol

Paul Müller and Fritz Rüttimann opened Blumenhaus Capitol on Bahnhofstrasse 73 at the corner of Uraniastrasse on June 1, 1954. For 29 years they delighted customers with their fresh and colorful flowers until they had to vacate the premises at the beginning of 1983.

Shortly afterwards Paul Müller had an opportunity to take over a florist shop on Bleicherweg 8. He reopened on April 5, 1983 and ran the business there successfully for 30 years.

Now in the hands of Elke Hofmann Müller and Gian Müller, the family business continues to operate in their new location which opened April 16, 2013 on Alfred- Escher-Strasse 27, just a few minutes´ walk from their previous address. Your Blumen Capitol team is looking forward to welcoming you – hopefully for another 30 years!


Notice about the takeover of the Pfister-Hefti florist shop


Blumenhaus Capitol on Bahnhofstrasse 73 / Uraniastrasse

paul müller

A young Paul Müller